A new upload!

2015-12-25 03:11:22 by Kaosboy85

Hi all!  For anyone who still reads this, I have finally uploaded a movie from years ago.  I made this 6-7ish years ago but never completed it.  However, looking it over again it looks like it just needed the final bit of polishing.  The fla file is totally corrupted and can't be opened but I still had a useable swf file.  Hope everyone enjoys and Merry Christmas!



Lifting myself back up...

2013-01-28 23:08:25 by Kaosboy85

I keep failing you all! I come back... I start working then I let life kill me again. I lost my inspiration but I'm finding it the best way I can. Thanks all for the support.. for those who are still here. did NOT expect all of those messages. I will try to respond to all of them best I can!

Since I started I became an adult and lost sight of the important things about myself including animating crazy cool shit. There is a project I'm working that might kill me lol... but I need to finish it and will need a lot of sprites for it... I was up until about 5 in the morning the other day making and editing sprites. Haven't done that in years. I've been nothing but depressed all these years and hide it with a smile. I was thinking about when the last time I was truly happy... I mean like without any fear of when that happiness will end. It occurred to me it was back when I was chilling on the couch watching TV with my family while I was cutting sprites and working on a collaboration Sprite TT#1 Goomba Assault where we killed a bunch of goombas!

Anyone interested in helping me with my project for my redemption please let me know (yes it is sprite base).

I have a few projects that I started and hope to finish within the next few months:

Redemption (I haven't named it yet so I will call it Redemption until I have a better name)

Megaman X OLB ep.9 (by the way I actually almost made/finished this a few years ago but the file crashed and got corrupted when I was near completion )

The Zero Factor

Megaman PF

Also, I might release a string of mini rage animations I made late at night including a League of Legends Animation and DBZ animation I started.

So that's it folks. Let's have some fun. Let me know if you want to help in anyway! I hope to come back alive with your alive because I've been dead on the inside for too long!

too many years

2012-08-28 22:08:59 by Kaosboy85

It's time... to start... making COOL SHIT AGAIN! too many years have gone by. Anyone still out there who remembers the stuff I once created... the time has come!

For anyone interested...

2008-02-09 04:10:40 by Kaosboy85

I just took my original file of Megaman X OLB ep.9 after almost a year of not looking at it and DELETED the fla. I'm starting it over from scratch and this time I'm going to do it right.


I'm back

2008-01-31 00:30:25 by Kaosboy85

The subject says it all~